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    Signature Guide

    xxW0LFxx TFD
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    Signature Guide Empty Signature Guide

    Post by xxW0LFxx TFD on Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:08 am

    All credit goes to MajorShotz for writing this guide on the old Forums.

    So this is the first guide In this section and here it goes;

    First you will need to go here to edit your signature
    (or go to Profile. on the grey bar at the top, then click signature on the blue link section to the bottom right of the grey link bar)

    [*flash(204,140)][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Your GT Here*.swf[/flash*] (This code is for the standard Gamer Card)

    So then you put your gamertag in the "*Enter Your GT Here*" Section of the code above. You will need to put %20 (or +) for every space you have in your GT though.
    Then remove the 4 * from the code. Once that is done copy and paste the completed code into your "Edit signature" box on the signature webpage (see the link in the 1st paragraph for the signature page). Then click preview if the Gamer Card pops up above the "Edit signature" click save and your done. If the card does not pop up try entering the code again or post here and ask if your having issues with how to do it.

    Once done click the Profile button on the top menu and then select "Preferences" and then scroll down to and tick the "always attach signature".

    Hope this helps

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